zuzanna.matuszewska@outlook.com​  |  Tel: 0048 505 195 848

I'm Zuzanna.


I am Zuzanna and I am a citizen of the world. Love traveling meeting new people and getting inspired by different places. Born in Poland wild soal not planning to stop in one place.


I am a freelancer working on UI design since 2017. I have started my adventure with graphic design in 2016 when I decided to move to Copenhagen and begun studies. After 2 years of living there and developing myself, I have decided to finish my BA in a different city which finally was Prague. I have clients around Europe and within today's possibilities of communication, there wasn't a single problem :) 


Finding myself comfortable in web and app designing, enjoying designing wedding stationaries. As  a hobby I am interested in sustainability and finding ways how to improve the state of our planet


I am working with Adobe Experience Design XD


Email - zuzanna.matuszewska@outlook.com

Tel - 0048 505 195 848

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